Meeting – 7th Nov 2022

We will be having our normal monthly meeting on Monday 7th November in the Whitby Coliseum at 6pm.

This meeting has two invited guests.

  • Jamie Henshaw is the executive head of Caedmon College in Whitby and will be here to talk about the future of education in Whitby and District.
  • Karen Atkinson is Stronger Communities Delivery Manager (Scarborough & District) from NYCC’s Let’s Talk, who will be giving a presentation on this initiative and wanting to know what really matters to you about your local area.
Have a think about those two topics and prepare questions and send them to us in advance so we give the guests chance to prepare a little.
This meeting is open to all residents of Whitby and District, so please do come along, and tell your neighbours; the more people we can get coming to these events the more representative we become and the more we can push for change.