Public Meetings

One of our aims as a group is to provide a public forum for people to raise problems as well as to be informed about aspects affecting life in the town. We will typically hold a public meeting on the third Monday of the month, and not to have meetings in August (school holidays) or December (Christmas holidays). This then makes 10 meetings per year.

  • Topic : These meetings will usually have invited speakers on topics that are of interest to development of the district; where we do not have an invited speaker we will go through our current campaigning strategies. Our public meetings are open to all residents of Whitby and District. Anybody can ask questions of speakers in our meetings; a crucial part of openness.
  • Media : We also aim for our public meetings to be open for the media to cover, and we permit the recording of meetings; the recording must follow this procedure (linked).
  • Venue : The meetings were initially all held in Whitby Coliseum but we are now starting to hold them in other locations, including looking at holding them around the District; see the agenda.
  • Agenda : We aim to publish the agenda at least a week in advance of a meeting, and notes from the meeting within a week or so of the meeting dependent on our availability.

You can find details of all public meetings below.

15/07/20246:00pmWhitby Rugby Club
17/06/20246:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubHarbour & Heritage
20/05/20246:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubManagement of Flooding & Water QualityAgenda
15/04/20246:30pmWhitby PavilionY&NY Mayoral Hustings
18/03/20246:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubHealth and WellbeingAgenda | Notes | WCN PPT | NYC PublicHealth PPT | NHS Humber PPT
19/02/20246:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubNeighbourhood Plan, HousingAgenda | Notes | NYC PDF | YorSpace PDF
15/01/20246:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubEducation, TransportAgenda | WCN PPT | NYC PDF | Notes
20/11/20236:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubFuture of EducationAgenda | Notes
16/10/20236:00pmWhitby Rugby ClubConservation & Climate ChangeAgenda | Notes
11/09/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumPublic TransportAgenda | Notes
10/07/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumWhitby Town DealAgenda | Notes
12/06/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumNYC Climate ChangeAgenda | Notes | WCN PPT
15/05/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumEducationAgenda | Notes | WCN PPT
17/04/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumTransport, Vision For WhitbyAgenda | Notes | WCN Transport PPT | VisionForWhitby PPT | Harbour PPT
13/03/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumClimate Change, Online MappingAgenda | Notes | Climate Change PPT | Mapping PPT
13/02/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumLocal Plan, Eskdale SchoolAgenda | Notes
09/01/20236:00pmWhitby ColiseumSocial Housing, Eskdale SchoolAgenda | Notes
12/12/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumDevolution, Cemetery/BetterHomesAgenda | Notes
07/11/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumEducation, LetsTalkAgenda | Notes
03/10/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumGeneralAgenda | Notes
05/09/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumNYMNP PlanningAgenda | Notes
29/07/20223:00pmWhitby ColiseumR Goodwill MPAgenda | Notes | Email Correspondence
25/07/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumSBC PlanningAgenda | Notes | SBC Presentation | Email Correspondence
27/06/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumGeneralAgenda | Notes
30/05/20226:00pmWhitby ColiseumGeneralNotes
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