Vision For Whitby

Consultation in 2023, establishing a vision for Whitby's future, defined by residents.


The amount of green space in Whitby has been eroded continually over the last 30 years, and is way below the local recommended amount for the population.

Green Space Proposal

Our 10-point plan for retaining and redeveloping the green space in the Whitby area.


With Whitby and District being an area of natural beauty, environmental issues can have a massive impact on the lives and work of its residents.


With over a third of properties as second homes or holiday lets, very high house prices mean housing is out of reach for many local people. This impacts on retention of the population.

Housing Proposal

Our 10-point plan for overcoming the housing issues in the Whitby and District area.

Local Governance

Being part of the borough of Scarborough, Whitby and District has consistently lost out in funding, and been subject to the whims of Scarborough Borough Council executive against the wishes of residents.


The health of residents in coastal communities like Whitby suffers due to deprivation.


Road traffic in Whitby and District is bad for many months of the year. The Whitby Park-and-Ride has made little impact, and urgent action is needed to improve the situation. Public transport is inadequate.

Transport Proposal (DRAFT)

Our 9-point plan for improving the transport system around our District


Whitby and District has amongst the lowest uptake of cycling in the whole of North Yorkshire. Safe cycling infrastructure is virtually non-existent, with solely the poorly accessed Cinder Track.

Active Travel Proposal

Our 10-point plan for active travel in the Whitby and District area, including a network map of cycle routes that would make this form of transport viable.


Schools across the District are undersubscribed, and adult education services are extremely limited. Facilities should be doubled up to reduce costs and fill the gap.

Education Proposal

Secondary education requires a solution to pupil numbers, and adult education is none existent.

Default 20mph Proposal

Having a default 20mph speed limit within residential areas and village/town centres would make a massive difference to safety.


Whitby was allocated £17.1m under TownDeal. What projects were selected, and how well is the money being spent?