Harbour Maintenance

Here we provide a summary of (some of) the harbour maintenance issues that we are aware of. A filled-in circle is work that has completed. A part filled circle is work that has some level of funding allocated. The remainder are active problems.

Inner Harbour

Outer Harbour

Outer Harbour

The above problems are all known about, reported and understood, but many of them are seemingly ignored by the harbour authority. Below are photos highlighting some of the issues. Thanks go to many local people for these, particularly current and former harbour users. Click on a photo for a larger version.

Further evidence is readily available online, for example this video highlighting the closing off of the lower decks of the pier extensions.

Harbour Spend

We list here where there is known harbour spend

It should be noted that the harbour authority for much of this period (until March 2023) was SBC, contributing only relatively small amounts to the East Pier Footbridge, and to the East/West Pier renovations.

For the remainder the harbour authority is NYC, contributing amounts to the lighthouse renovation investigation, the Fish Pier piling work and the capstan replacements.

Clearly had harbour funds been ring-fenced such works could have taken place when they were really needed rather than when things were at the point of collapse (aka “firefighting mentality”). It could be argued that the current practice is even worse, with some things being left to decay and then simply being removed and not replaced.

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