Whitby Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Work is beginning on the Whitby Neighbourhood Plan and will continue for the next 18 months.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Whitby Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document written by the community to guide future development in the area over the next 15-20 years. It will set out planning policies for your area and can:

  • Protect local green spaces.
  • Encourage better designed places.
  • Bring forward housing that genuinely meets local needs.
  • Protect important heritage assets
  • Support businesses and employment
  • Improve infrastructure

The Plan will be written by the local community and will help get the right types of development, in the right place.

The Plan content will be based on feedback from the local community and the results of public consultations, but having regard to national and local policy and guidance.

If successful at referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory development plan for the area and will be used by North Yorkshire Council to determine future planning applications and by developers to shape and influence the design of their developments.

It is worth mentioning what a Neighbourhood Plan can do and cannot do.

It can ...
  • Develop policies specific to our area, e.g design of a new development
  • Protect the facilities and areas of land the community values most such as community buildings, playing fields etc
  • Help is to get additional funding into the area, e.g through identification of projects or having a plan adopted
  • Protect areas of land for conservation, biodiversity and landscape value.
  • Influence the type, location and design of development.
  • Help to secure additional funding for infrastructure and other projects.
  • Propose regeneration projects, transport solutions and areas of land for allocation of housing and/or employment sites if we wish to do so
It cannot ...
  • Introduce policies which conflict with national or NYC’s adopted strategic planning policies.
  • Force requirement on developers which make the delivery of development unviable.
  • Change regulations / legislation such as Building Regs or Permitted Development Rights.
  • Simply repeat national or NYC planning policy.
  • Reduce the scale of new housing proposed in the Local Plan by NYC.
  • Guarantee that certain areas of land should come forward for development unless the Plan allocates specific development sites.
  • Stop all development or prevent planning applications being submitted (at any time) on sites that the community does not support.
  • Deal with matters not dealt with through the planning system, e.g Change traffic speed limits, or Increase broadband speeds, or Enforce parking restrictions

Neighbourhood Plan area

The Plan area covers the entire parish of Whitby.

Participation / Consultation

In order to produce a plan that genuinely reflects the needs and opportunities of Whitby, it is important that residents make their views known. Please look out for, and participate in, our consultation and feedback events.

If you wish to contact the steering group, please email them on WhitbyNeighbourhoodPlan@whitbytowncouncil.gov.uk

Steering Group

The steering group is currently comprised of

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is an advisory subcommittee of the Planning Committee of Whitby Town Council.

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