Town Poll : June 13th 2022

Whitby : Polls

A Parish Poll was demanded at a meeting of electors of Whitby Parish (Whitby Town Council area) held on Thursday 12 May 2022. Two questions were proposed and agreed, and a poll was held on Monday 13th June to pose the following questions to all electors of Whitby Parish:

  1. Should all new build and additional housing in Whitby Parish be restricted to full time local occupation as a primary residence only and forever (in perpetuity)?
  2. Do you want to stay in the same area committee as Scarborough in the new North Yorkshire unitary council?

Note : The Poll was called by electors of the parish at a Town Assembly NOT by Whitby Town Council.


The results of the poll were declared just before midnight by the Returning Officer, as follows:

Total electorate: 10,072, total papers verified: 2,288, total rejected votes: 71, turnout: 22.72%

To Question 1, the results were
  • YES : 2111 (93.0%)
  • NO : 157 (7.0%)
To Question 2, the results were
  • YES : 253 (11.3%)
  • NO : 1982 (88.7%)
Note on the turnout : there are no postal or proxy votes allowed for a parish poll (unlike with standard local/national elections), there is only a 5-hour timeslot for voting (unlike the 15-hour slot for standard local/national elections), and there is no poll card to remind the elector of when/where to vote (unlike in standard local/national elections). For comparison, 2288 votes in the 8 polling stations over 5 hours means processing 1 vote every minute at each polling station!
The results are statistically significant, representing a confidence level of 95% with a margin for error of 2%.

Comment by Whitby Community Network

The poll results clearly demonstrate the strength of feeling in the local community on these two issues. We trust that our elected councillors will take note and take action. Thanks to all the people who helped to make the poll happen – to all the voters who turned out in person – and to all the staff who took part in the late night count.

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