Town Deal : Swingbridge Pedestrianisation Consultation

Whitby Aerial View

The Whitby Town Deal project entitled Harbourside Public Realm Improvements and Pedestrianisation of Swing Bridge is consulting on their proposed plan, as defined here.

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NYC announced just 3 face to face consultations for this. All to be held in Whitby Coliseum. As follows : Friday 10th November 10:00-19:00, Wednesday 15th November 10:00-19:00, Saturday 18th November 11:00-16:00.

Please note that in advance of this several groups raised a question about whether it would be possible to have face-to-face consultation in other locations around the town closer to residential areas (such as Eastside Centre, Green Lane Centre, Rugby Club, Marton Court Community Centre etc). We received no answer, and indeed the first Whitby Coliseum session had already gone by the time people knew about it. When you consider that public transport in this town is “appalling” (based on NYC councillor opinion), and that the town has an ageing population (based on fact), to not make consultations accessible to as many people as possible is frankly appalling. Is this how NYC is intending to move forward?

This is your opportunity to have your say on each area affected by this project. We strongly encourage Whitby and District residents to give their feedback.

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