Action Vision Zero in York & North Yorkshire

The York and North Yorkshire campaigns for Action Vision Zero, and 20s Plenty, have launched a petition for the combined mayoral authority to progress towards a target of zero killed or seriously injured road users by 2030, with an intermediate target of 50% fewer vulnerable road users by 2027.

The precise wording for the petition is shown below.

We petition City of York Council & N Yorks Combined Authority to reduce traffic harm by adopting the Vision Zero target of zero killed or serious road injuries by 2030 with an intermediate target of 50% fewer vulnerable road user KSI’s by 2027. We call for Safe Systems and traffic reduction; key is a 20mph default limit in built-up areas across the region and speed reduction on all road classes, including arterials where people are.

We support this campaign, looking for a much more pedestrian friendly Whitby and District area, where people are encouraged to undertake active travel, and where fear of being near roads is much reduced.

You can go to the online version of the petition on the link below.

In addition there is a paper version that can be printed off and returned to the organisers, on the link below.

Please share the petition with family and friends, and indeed everyone who you think would like to see a North Yorkshire that is a far more pedestrian and cycle friendly place.

Please note that they are also holding  a zoom session to promote the Action Zero Petition, host Presentations, questions and discussions on Lower Speeds, Whitby, older voter benefits, York Transport consultation & strategy for reaching out to Mayoral candidates.  on Thursday 23rd November at 7pm: Pre register using this link, with speakers

  • Andy Jefferson, Whitby Community Network
  • Anna Semlyen, 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaign Manager
  • Ian Conlan, 20s Plenty for North Yorkshire Lead

If interested, please also consider joining the Facebook groups for 20s Plenty for North Yorkshire, and Action Vision Zero York & North Yorkshire.

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