Whitby Hospital : Out of Hours GPs

The March public meeting of Whitby Community Network brought up the question of whether there is going to be a change to out of hours GP services at Whitby Hospital. 1 of the attendees from NHS Humber, in a response to a question, confirmed that a change would be happening, moving to a system run by “Nimbuscare” from April 2nd. We have been trying to get official confirmation of this – why should we need to ? isn’t healthcare something that should be widely publicised?

We have finally received a confirmation of sorts from NYC Cllr David Chance, as follows

WHITBY STATEMENT – Revised version 25/03/24

From 2nd April, our new partner Nimbuscare will be providing our Out Of Hours service to patients in Whitby.

The GP Out Of Hours service is accessed via 111 for patients and healthcare professionals. The operating hours for this service are 18:30-08:00 Monday – Friday all weekend/Bank Holidays. Out Of Hours is for urgent assessment and care and can be accessed via 111. Patients calling 111 will receive a clinical assessment to determine what care is needed. This may result in a telephone consultation, a home visit or a request to attend a face-to-face appointment. If the patient’s condition is serious, an ambulance may be called.

Additionally, an out of hours GP will be on site at Whitby Hospital on Sat and Sun 13:00-18:00 for patients requiring a face-to-face appointment. Home visits will continue to be provided by the GP Out Of Hours service in Whitby and surrounding areas as per initial clinical assessment.

The Urgent Treatment Centre is open 8:00-20:00, 7 days a week at Whitby Hospital and is led by Urgent Care Practitioners and Advanced Clinical Practitioners. This can be accessed by either calling 111 or as a walk-in service.

Enhanced access (also known as Better Access) provides additional pre-booked routine appointments for patients via their surgery. These appointments are in Whitby on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 18.00-20.00 and on Saturday 09:00-17:00.

The nearest Emergency Department operating 24/7 continues to be Scarborough Hospital.



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