20s Plenty for North Yorks : Speed Survey

The 20s Plenty for North Yorkshire group are campaigning for “default 20mph” speed limits in urban residential areas, around schools, and places of high footfall (“where people are”) in North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire Council are due to deliver their report on what strategy (if any) to adopt regarding 20mph speed limits around the county at their Executive meeting on June 20th 2023. The 20s Plenty group are consequently running a Speed Survey with the public before then to get the opinions of people whose lives are affected.

Whitby Community Network is hosting their survey HERE. Their proposal is for North Yorkshire Council to start a roll out of 20mph across the county, starting in Whitby (where we have a proposal for secondary school amalgamation which would result in the order of 400 children having to walk across New Bridge, and around Mayfield Road, crossing over that road to get to Caedmon College).

Please fill in this survey and say how speed of traffic affects your life, and why 20mph would be a good idea for providing routes like for these children to get to school safely. Reminder, Whitby Town Council voted in favour of our proposal for 20mph at a council meeting back in December 2022, and are still waiting on North Yorkshire Council to implement it.

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