Harbour Repair Costs detailed (May 2024)

Whitby Harbour

We have previously highlighted many aspects of lack of maintenance in Whitby harbour. In a North Yorkshire Council (NYC) committee, the “Transition (LGR) Overview and Scrutiny Committee” on Monday, 11th March, 2024 there was a report about Harbours. It stated “Extensive project programmes and costings have been developed for each area in turn and an investment of £27m is required to resolve all of the issues” (for Whitby and Scarborough together).

An FOI was submitted to determine the split of how much would be for Whitby harbour, and what would it cover.

“Can you please define how much of the £27m would be applicable to Whitby harbour, and for that amount please provide that a breakdown of areas of spend with amounts within Whitby harbour?”

The response was as follows

I can confirm that the £27m figure is for major schemes only and does not include projects classed as coastal defence which are considered and funded separately. Of the £27m, £14,076,000 is in relation to Whitby Harbour and this is broken down as follows:

  • Eskside Wharf Sheet Piling Replacement – £3.451m
  • Repairs to West Pier Lighthouse – £3.197m
  • Fish Quay Pile Replacement – £3.752m
  • Endeavour Wharf Protection Measures – £3.676m

The extent of coastal defence repairs (aka pier extensions) is still not defined (publicly).

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