Eskdale School : vote of no confidence in Whitby Secondary Partnership

Eskdale School

Subsequent to the public meetings last week about the proposal to amalgamate Eskdale School and Caedmon College, there is an active petition as a vote of no confidence in the governors of those schools.

Clearly this is not legally binding, but more an expression of sentiment in the unsatisfactory nature of how this proposal has been handled, and how the schools are being governed.

A statement by the “Keep Choice in Whitby and Save Eskdale” group is shown below.

This is not just about the proposal, this vote of no confidence is about now!! –

Showing the Governors and NYCC that the problem is at the top – that these people are not the solution they are why it’s in the state.

A lot of children and parents are feeling let down now! – we are horrified at what some children have been through, and not having basis needs met is unacceptable.

Mr Henshaw admitted that they know there isn’t enough food for all of the children – they have contacted the catering company.

We know its not every child; it shouldn’t be any child.

The Governors are pushing for bigger curriculum and specialist staff from 24/25

Why hasn’t that always been the case?

Why don’t the children already there deserve the best?

A bigger curriculum doesn’t always mean more choice, it comes down to timetabling.

Where are the specialists teachers coming from…. shouldn’t they fight to keep the ones they have???

The dedicated staff who have no idea where they stand, there is no information for them about the staff restructure mentioned by the Governors.

The Proposal lacks details, and the present problems lack action.

In many respects it could be argued that this could include previous governance of those schools as well as NYCC, since the management of education in Whitby has been inadequate for several years with too much short termism and utter lack of overall strategy. The current incumbents are however responsible for how the schools are run now for current pupils, who deserve the best education.

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