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Seemingly Caedmon College have sent out a communique to parents regarding picking up their children

Dear Parent/Carer
Please note that, for health and safety reasons, we cannot allow parents to drive down the College driveway in the mornings. It is requested, for student safety, that parents avoid coming onto the College site with vehicles, as far as possible. For this reason, the gate at the top of the Normanby Site’s driveway will be manned between 8.50am and 9.00am each morning then closed going forwards.
We must make this request due to the volume of College traffic and the limited walkway area around the driveway.
The car park at the top of the school drive is quite small and parents using it at the end of the day often find themselves struggling to park. The road down to the College has single yellow lines on one side, however, Mayfield Road has space for parking which is easy to access.
There are many students leaving the site at 3.30pm and we need it to be as safe as possible for them. Please avoid turning into the top car park if there is space on Mayfield Road. We would also ask you to be respectful of our neighbours and not block their access or park in the emergency parking bay.
Please can all parents also note that using Beever’s Car Park is not permitted for collecting or dropping off College students.
Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.

We would question where is the space for parking on Mayfield Road? A school should be considering such issues when deciding to make their school capacity a particular number, in line with a school Travel Plan. If it is considered so dangerous, why did they not mention that in the merger “consultation”?

Avid WCN followers will remember that we posed the question to NYC about where is the transport plan to cope with the closure of Eskdale School. The reply was “Nevertheless, following the consultation exercise, I expect there to be further dialogue between Council departments, e.g. in relation to discussing whether any highway improvements are necessary, in order to ensure student safety remains a top priority”.

So we repeat the question, where is the transport plan? The numbers of students at Caedmon College Normanby site have seemingly gone up for the new school year, yet there has been no activity on addressing the danger on Mayfield Road, New Bridge or indeed anywhere else.

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  1. Ther is no plan for this amalgamation the executive head has stepped down and also the two governors. This is a big problem and needs sorting before a child is hurt ?

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